About us

Since 1979

Scan–Pot was established in September 1979 and is today a worldwide sales organization in close cooperation with selected high-quality factories and leading designers.

In our 500 m2 showroom at Scan–Pot, you will find pots from all the key major pottery regions of the world. Our programs cover both indoor and outdoor assortments in an inspirational presentation designed to help build creative thought for product marketing.

Warehouse and shipping

Scan–Pot has over 16,000 m2 of stock under roof, and 8,000 m2 of outdoor stock at our disposal.

Scan–Pot’s packing methods are a top priority for protection and safety in shipment. All pallets are shrink wrapped in our advanced automated shrink tunnel before shipment.

Spang since 1979

Scan-Pot has exclusive rights for products from Spang in all Nordic countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We began our collaboration with German flowerpot producer Spang in 1979, thus having a collaboration spanning more than 40 years. A good collaboration forms the basis for the highest quality of our products.

The clay used for Spang flowerpots is of a unique quality and is excavated locally in Germany.